Using Haskell from Python with ctypes

Posted 2007. 8. 7. 03:01
Recently, I am trying to make it possible to write Chameleo plugins in Haskell. Chameleo is wirtten mostly in Python and there is no direct method to call Haskell functions in Python. However, Python is the most powerful glue language in the world(Okay, maybe next to Perl), it is not hard to use both Haskell and Python at the same time within an application. PythonVsHaskell shows an example which compiles the Haskell code with ghc and generates a dll file. Python ctypes can call these functions in the DLL as if they are normal C functions.

MissingPy seems to be another option for calling Python code from Haskell (but not calling Haskell code from Python). The recent version is 0.8.9, but it seems to be still in beta quality.
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